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web rankingQarbon's presentation software reduces global support costs and increases sales for Agent Web Ranking.

Serving small businesses, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies, and Fortune 500 corporations, Agent Web Ranking specializes in search engine ranking software designed for SEO and Search Engine Marketing Experts.

As a small company, one of Agent Web Ranking’s biggest challenges is accommodating the high volume of customer support and product information requests and the costs associated with them.

Although Agent Web Ranking published a number of help documents on their website, they found that the majority of their customers did not have the time or the patience to read these documents. This led to a significant number of support calls, e-mails, and online chat sessions, resulting in higher support costs.

Agent Web Ranking turned to ViewletBuilder, one of Qarbon’s presentation software, to quickly and easily produce visually engaging online help tutorials or training videos.
Based on the assumption that most of us are “show me” rather than “tell me” learners, Agent Web Ranking specifically designed their Viewlets to provide customers with a dynamic visual explanation of the most common support questions.

According to Fabien Faceries, Chairman & CEO of Agent Web Ranking, “It’s as if our users are looking over our shoulders while we demonstrate product features or how to solve specific problems. A Viewlet is worth a thousand words on our help page!”

The adoption of Viewlets on Agent Web Ranking’s website has reduced their support costs and increased their online business effectiveness. Agent Web Ranking has reported nearly 60% fewer support requests and an increase of 30% in their sales.

web ranking

ViewletBuilder has proven a valuable resource for Agent Web Ranking, they plan to extend its use into their marketing efforts.
web ranking