Case Studies

david szostakQarbon's presentation software helps CoCreate bring to life the robust features of their CAD and PLM applications.

Companies like CoCreate who service a wide range of industries, demand products as diverse and dynamic as they are.

With clients like CDI, Olympus, Canon, and S&S Cycle, CoCreate was looking for a way to bring to life the robust features of their CAD and PLM applications.

Qarbon’s ViewletBuilder and ViewletCam provided the solution they were looking for.

CoCreate maximizes ViewletSuite by integrating both products to create online product presentations.

Our software has intense graphics and 3D models, seeing a live presentation of our software brings these characteristics to life and the person receiving the presentation gets the ‘wow’ factor of what our products can do,” says Program Manager, David Szostak.

ViewletBuilder and ViewletCam make it easy for CoCreate’s global marketing team to enhance demos with streaming audio, video, and to create a navigation area to launch an entire collection of demonstrations on different topics.

Giving their customers an accurate picture of what their products can accomplish is no longer a problem for CoCreate. The benefits of using ViewletSuite go beyond the reported enhancement of the user-end skill of their clients.

ViewletSuite has also enabled CoCreate to overcome the challenge of staying cost effective.

According to Szostak, “We evaluated a number of different software solutions for our online product demonstration needs, but most required a significant capital expense and long learning curve that we just couldn’t afford. With the ViewletSuite from Qarbon we had our first demos published to the web site in just a few days and none of the team required any formal training. ViewletSuite also supports our need for multiple language demos.”

Good news travels fast. Simplicity and ease-of-use across a large team of people were results the Technical Writers at CoCreate were also interested in achieving.

Based on the Marketing team’s success, the tech writers have implemented ViewletBuilder to create demos on their Help pages for CoCreate’s CAD and PLM applications.

With ViewletCam and ViewletBuilder, CoCreate effectively communicates with clients while saving time and money.