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The Home Depot enhances performance support systems with Viewlet technology.

Viewlets as performance support

The Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer in the world, is now enhancing its performance support systems with Viewlet technology. With this innovative use of Viewlets, The Home Depot is touching thousands of its associates across the enterprise and developing their expertise in internal systems.

The natural choice
Viewlets' quick creation time, user friendliness and instant viewer gratification that Viewlets provide made this medium a natural choice for The Home Depot. As Mike Anderson, Vice President of The Home Depot's Information Systems, says, "To guarantee every associate's proficiency in our management systems we needed a solution that would operate across multiple platforms and operating systems without any proprietary technology or cumbersome implementation. Our associates wanted a flexible support resource they could tap into as needed. Viewlet technology is exactly the kind of solution we were looking for and is making our on-line training infrastructure much more effective."
Milestone for Viewlet technology
While The Home Depot plans to make Viewlets available to thousands of associates as an on-line training resource, the implementation also marks a milestone for Viewlet technology itself.
Though already well known in the Internet and software industries, The Home Depot's adoption of Viewlets further underscores the technology's effectiveness as a mainstream on-line training tool, applicable to all sectors. As Qarbon's CEO, Patrick LeGranche explains, "Because Viewlet creation is so easy and the resulting training material so effective, we're seeing rapid adoption of our format across a broad spectrum of companies and institutions."

Managers at The Home Depot were finding that completing a guided training session was often not enough to guarantee expertise in a particular system. After leaving the formal course, associates regularly needed refreshers for specific applications. Because Viewlets are an instant, self paced, on-demand training resource, associates are now able to get up to speed as needed.