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Presentation Software
Honeywell uses ViewletBuilder to simplify and accelerate course development, thereby empowering subject matter experts to disseminate their knowledge.

Honeywell's Nandini Shastry, Training Specialist, presented Honeywell's use of Viewlets at this year's annual ISPI Conference.
Presentation Software
The Challenge
Give me high-value course content NOW!
All budgets are affected by today's economy. Yet despite fewer resources, people, tools, and time, rapid delivery of training material is imperative. In Honeywell's culture of constant learning, the efficiency of processes like communicating incremental product changes, certifying end-users, and assuring the rapid adoption and full utilization of information systems are of paramount importance.

The Solution
Let the pro be the teacher
A key piece of Honeywell's strategy for quicker delivery of high-value course content, is putting the course development directly into the hands of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): allowing the people closest to the inner workings of products, resources and processes (the Pros!) to become instructors.

Getting There
Give SMEs the power to transmit their knowledge visually, with Viewlets
The majority of technical skills and software processes are best explained visually. Often, this means creating demos of HOW applications work by describing tasks screen by screen. At Honeywell, earlier attempts at creating such tutorials involved the use of programs like PowerPoint and then making the files available on the web. The delivery of these rather large files, however, posed a number of problems (difficulty of downloading large files - especially in low-bandwidth locations, burning files onto CDs was costly, etc.).

We found that a much more effective way of for SMEs to transmit their knowledge was via animated software demos, called Viewlets. Using Qarbon's ViewletBuilder, the Viewlet authoring tool, SMEs are now able to quickly and easily create and deliver high-quality course content to a broad audience. Viewlets' benefits include:
  • Very easy to use, virtually no training needed
  • Clear, concise, video-like, task-based output
  • Streaming SWF (Flash) format is perfect for web access
  • Voice and audio can be added to reinforce learning
  • Non-linear paths and self-tests create custom learning choices and interactivity
  • Viewlets make great custom learning objects
Because the core competencies of an SME tend not to include course content creation, the creation tool has to be hassle-free.
SMEs will only be able to disseminate their knowledge efficiently, if they can do see within minutes. ViewletBuilder's surprising ease of use and quick creation fit the bill perfectly.

Case Studies
Viewlets in action at Honeywell : an impressive ROI
  • Product certification: Of particular importance in 2003 is the establishment of Honeywell Product Family certification programs for engineers. Viewlets allow SMEs to create quick courses that can be put into certification learning paths.
  • Knowledge system support: Honeywell's AskMe Knowledge Network uses Viewlets to show over 5,000 new and existing users to navigate the new enterprise knowledge system. The result: ZERO call center support and ZERO complaints during deployment = Enormous Cost Savings.
  • LMS implementation: Viewlets will be used to implement a new Saba Learning Management System in order to minimize cutover costs from old systems all across the company. Viewlets deployed as contextually placed self-help tools, will enable employees to see, understand and use the new enterprise system right away.
  • New-user instruction: If you don't know how to use Outlook, PPT, Excel and Word effectively at Honeywell, it's hard to survive. Viewlets are used in Productivity Areas to show IT functionality for various MS Office programs and third party applications (like WinZip, Yahoo Instant Messenger, etc.).
  • Product marketing: Honeywell's Hi-Spec Solutions division uses web-based Viewlet demos to accelerate the sales cycle. Viewlets allow prospective customers to see "inside" the product and literally watch how it can be applied to their situation and how it can optimize their business.
  • IT applications training: Service managers for Automation & Control Solutions (ACS) learn how to complete complex and extensive Oracle reporting functions using Viewlets. For new managers, this is priceless handholding and training because the Viewlets are on the web it can be referenced anytime.
High-value course content NOW? No problem.
Honeywell ACS Global Training Services is a leader in the field of e-learning in the United States and internationally. We have multiple relationships with PlaceWare, NetG and others in the learning industry as well as a solid history in knowledge management deployment. We diligently research new products, tools and technologies to help our employees better prepare for their jobs and careers. It is our opinion that Qarbon's ViewletBuilder is an indispensable tool for this era of learning where fast delivery of high-quality, visual content is crucial.