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The Peninsula Library System uses ViewletPoll to understand the needs of teenagers.

The Peninsula Library System in Northern California is a consortium of 34 public and community college libraries that work together to provide innovative and cost-effective service to their patrons. The Peninsula Library System offers a special section on their website called “Just for Teens” which is dedicated to advocate, promote, and improve service to teens in the Peninsula Library System member libraries.

The Teen Service Committee of the Peninsula Library System continually seeks to enhance their website to attract more teens and expose them to the many services the library has to offer such as reading programs, literary contests, community resources, homework help, college and job information, entertainment, and more.

As a result, the Peninsula Library System incorporates weekly ViewletPolls onto their teen site that asks questions such as, “What do you do with your spare time?” and “What are your favorite books?”

The results of their ViewletPolls have helped the Teen Service Committee to improve the overall content of their site, offering services and resources that are most important to their teen audience.

ViewletPoll became the leading choice for the Peninsula Library System because of its professional results, versatility, and most importantly, ease-of-use. Just how easy is it? Bonnie Fullerton, Webmaster of the Peninsula Library System website explains, “ViewletPoll is very easy to implement. On Monday afternoon at 3:00pm I was given a poll to put up by 9:00am on Tuesday morning. The poll was up and running in 10 minutes.”

ViewletPoll has proven a fast, valuable resource for the Peninsula Library System. They plan to use it in other areas of their website, both internal and external, to retrieve valuable data from library patrons as well as the librarians themselves.

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