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Procter & Gamble enhances internal information system support with Viewlet technology

Procter & Gamble, a recognized leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of superior household products has purchased a global usage license for ViewletBuilder,'s tutorial creation software.

By employing Viewlets to provide additional management system support to employees, Procter & Gamble is creating a support resource for both the implementers and the users of its learning management systems.

Qarbon's Viewlet technology allows users to create animated demonstrations to show how management information systems, software, and Web-based applications work. The quick creation time and user friendliness that Viewlets provide made this medium a natural choice for Procter & Gamble.
As Cheryl Puterbaugh, IT Learning Manager at Procter & Gamble explains, "ViewletBuilder really is an application that makes sense for the whole company. We're planning to use it for many different kinds of applications, from internal system support and training to customer facing applications."

Procter and Gamble's purchase of a global license for ViewletBuilder allows any employee worldwide to use the Professional Edition of ViewletBuilder. To accelerate adoption of ViewletBuilder within the firm, Procter & Gamble is planning to make the software available to many different areas of the company. IT specialists, project managers, Web-based training developers, and on-site consultants will have ViewletBuilder at their disposal to help teach, support and market their services.