Case Studies

Presentation Software
Viewlets help explain complex CAD/CAM software to customers and dealers of Surfware Inc.

The advent of CAD/CAM (computer assisted design, and computer assisted manufacturing) software has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. With the help of advanced software, such as SURFCAM, successful companies finish in just a few days jobs that once took weeks or even months. To veterans in the industry, it feels like magic to build and examine a part on the computer then automatically generate the coded instructions to machine the part. However, new educational hurdles can limit these technological advances.

Teaching tools, such as ViewletBuilder are more relevant then ever, because machine shops must now learn new and complex software to stay competitive. Since training is part of the cost of production, software companies that provide effective teaching tools give their customers a competitive advantage. Constant technological advances make efficient training even more crucial, since software companies must make sure their customers keep up with the changes. For example, Surfware, makers of SURFCAM CAD/CAM software, recently created a new patent pending software technology called "Step Reduction Milling" (SRM). Users who effectively learn SRM can reduce the time it takes to machine a part by 50% or more, and can reduce the time it takes to program the part by 90%. It is absolutely vital that we help customers learn these new technologies.

Because it is my job to teach this and other new technologies to customers and dealers of SURFCAM, I began my search for a tool to create interactive step-by-step tutorials. After downloading the demo version of ViewletBuilder I emailed to Qarbon a couple questions that were promptly answered. After I created several test Viewlets, I realized that ViewletBuilder is the fastest way to create high-quality interactive learning.
After I purchased ViewletBuilder Pro, Qarbon's responsive technical support and online materials helped me quickly learn ViewletBuilder down to its finest details. I haven't turned back since, and I have created over 60 interactive tutorials that we can show off at trade shows, place on the web, or ship with our new products.

The other learning tools we evaluated were either of inferior quality or too time consuming. We will continue to use ViewletBuilder as our main online teaching tool.

The response from dealers has been very encouraging. "These new Viewlets, especially the SRM Viewlet, are fantastic and will go a long way in communicating SURFCAM to our customers," says dealer Walter Romanenko of Tangent Concepts. "Most of our customers don't really like to read manuals, and often ignore crucial information buried between pages." Mr. Romanenko also mentions that the Viewlets have helped him to sell SURFCAM because he can "show them that SURFCAM is easy to learn." By reducing the time it takes the customer to learn, ViewletBuilder also helps our dealers shift more of their resources to selling the product.

Year after year, Surfware is among the fastest-growing NC software companies in the world. "Surfware's rapid growth can be attributed to remaining focused on a niche market, having a strong product to meet the needs of that market, developing an extensive and competent sales distribution network, and having established a reputation within the industry as a good company with which to do business," say top industry reviewer CIMdata, Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI. I'm happy to say that ViewletBuilder is becoming part of this success story.