Case Studies

Toolbuilders Laboratories

Michael PennerQarbon's ViewletCam helps Toolbuilders demonstrate the value of Sempre to programmers and executives every-where.

Toolbuilders Laboratories provide products and services that deliver Continuous Software Lifecycle Enhancement to developers and programmers in organizations of all sizes. Their flagship product, Sempre, is a revolutionary way to create faster, higher quality outcomes by making the software development cycle more efficient.

In order to quickly demonstrate the value of Sempre to both programmers and executives of organizations, Toolbuilders was introduced to ViewletCam as a possible solution. They soon discovered the ease of use and speed of ViewletCam was perfectly suited for their needs. And because of its ease of use, ViewletCam allowed more users to quickly master the program and use it to preserve design templates.

“ViewletCam lets us create the high-impact demonstrations we need with the freedom to easily modify out demonstrations as product differentiation and market positioning demands,” says Michael Penner, Director of Marketing.

He goes on to say, "[The] software is amazing. The fully functioning demo made it a no brainer for use to decide. As a multimedia designer and the director of Marketing for Toolbuilders Laboratories I have evaluated several other offerings in this space and yours is by far the most powerful and intuitive I've found so far. Not more features than I'll ever use, not too few to make workarounds needed. For price and performance, it is unmatched. I give ViewletCam a 10!"

Toolbuilders appreciate that even with its simplicity, ViewletCam provides a high level of support. This, along with Flash integration and ease of use is what sealed the deal with Toolbuilders Laboratories. They plan to further implement its use through training, support and distribution as marcom on CDs, as well as internal employee orientation.

ToolBuilders Laboratories chose ViewletCam