Qarbon Newsletter - Issue 27, 2006

I hope everyone is enjoying their 2006 so far!

I'm excited to tell you all that the last ViewletACE promotion we ran was a huge success!!! I hope those of you that purchased the product are enjoying it. The current release is 1.0.5, so please make sure you update your copy to stay up to date with bug and feature releases. I do have some updated news on the future of ViewletACE, so make sure you read the Product Updates section below.

If you've spent any time in the User Forum lately, you are probably aware that V5 of our ViewletBuilder is only months away from being launched. We are very excited about bringing TONS of new features to our loyal users and continuing to improve and add the features you have been asking for. One of the most important features we are adding is the auto-capture technology. Soon you will be able to let VB capture any screen change for you including keystrokes and all the meta data about the action you are performing for balloons and notes. We will still leave the manual capture option for those that prefer complete control over which screenshots are captured. Next month we will have more specific information for you on the new features as well as a Viewlet to preview them.

If you are interested in participating in our beta testing program, please fill out the Contact Form on our website.

Until Next Month ,

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For ViewletCentral users, we will add 3 months to your account free of charge or upgrade you for 1 month to the next subscription level (your choice).

For all others, we will give you a free 3 month subscription to a ViewletCentral Licenced Bronze account worth 75 dollars.

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Are you keen on perfection? If so, then ViewletPolishing is the solution for you.

With ViewletPolishing, Qarbon’s team of expert designers analyze your existing Viewlet projects, and edit and enhance them to make them look stunning. Just capture the screenshots, add balloons and notes, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s what ViewletPolishing offers:

  • Proof grammar/correct typos
  • Optimize cursor movements
  • Ensure consistent balloon and note usage
  • Correct timing
  • Update your Viewlet Profile

Sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. ViewletPolishing starts at only $149 per Viewlet (price based per project and time spent).

Do you want to add a little more zip to your Viewlet? Spruce up your Viewlets even more with the following Add-ons:

  • Audio for $50 per minute
  • Custom ViewletSkin for $199
  • Quizzes starting at $99

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presentation software Training

ViewletBuilder Workshop (Basics through Advanced)

Upcoming 2-Day Training (10:30am-12:00pm PDT)
Date: Monday, August 21st and Tuesday, August 22nd

Openings will fill up fast! Please contact the Training Department at
408.907.7419 or via email at
For more information, go to

Eric has been in Software development since the TRS-80 was the # 1 home computer.  After 8 years of writing small programs for teachers, friends, family, and his families business, Eric entered College at the University of Dayton and earned a B.A. in Theater with a concentration in performance and a B.S. in Computer Sciences with a concentration in Systems Analysis and Business.

Paying for College as a third-party contractor led Eric to a career in software consulting, a job which has required continuous education and provided Eric with a working knowledge of over 14 programming languages and experience on platforms from handheld computers to Big Iron.  With an extensive background in stand-alone and networked systems as well as product architecture, design, and project management,  Eric's move to online systems, SOA, and Web Services was natural.  Working hard to reduce end-user difficulty and improve the experience of his end-users and customers, Eric has developed an affinity for test-driven development concepts and believes tests should be developed to ensure software fulfills its requirements and used extensively throughout the lifecycle of the software.

Eric balances his life in front of the computer with his family.  A devoted family man, Eric and his wife Jane have 4 wonderful children Colin, Melea, Adrian and Miranda.  With three adopted children (Colin, Melea, and Miranda) with Down Syndrome, they are looking forward to expanding their family further with their upcoming adoption of a beautiful 2 year old girl Eliza.

Eric will be taking over the Linux and MAC platforms for us, so you should see ViewletBuilder and ViewletACE running on all 3 platforms very soon. We will have an updated build for Linux (v4.55) available in the next few weeks.

This month we are focusing on ViewletCentral. We really want people to use and experience the power of this product combined with our desktop tools, so for all orders received in August for ViewletACE, we will offer you a 6-month pre-paid Bronze account for FREE. This package is worth $125. For existing users, we will add 6 more months or upgrade you to a higher plan. You may not have noticed, but we updated the pricing plans for ViewletCentral at the end of July (lowering the higher plans) in case you wanted to upgrade.

We will be wrapping up development on the next generation of ViewletBuilder over the Summer, as well as the next release of ViewletACE. As you all know, we had originally decided to call the product ViewletBuilder 2006, but felt staying with the same naming conventions you are already familiar with made more sense. So, come January, you will should see ViewletBuilder5!!!!!

While we were on our naming "kick", we decided to ALSO change the name of ViewletACE 2006 to ViewletQuiz. We felt this would quickly describe to our customers what this product does. We will make this change when we launch VB5. Current users of ViewletACE will get this feature upgrade for free.

Tip for ViewletCam

Does your tutorial contain unwanted frames? Learn how to remove them quickly and easily!

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to Thank you for using our products.

The Qarbon Team

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