Qarbon Newsletter - Issue 32 - 2007
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ViewletBuilder5 Workshop is HERE! Become a master at ViewletBuilder! Learn the basics, be hands-on, and get the nuts-n-bolts you’ll need to create dynamic interactive content.

The Workshop is made up of two one and a half hour online sessions with a homework assignment in between. The first day will cover an overview of ViewletBuilder5 sharing best practices. At the end of this session the participants will receive a homework assignment. The homework assignments will be critiqued during the second session. The second session will concentrate on understanding the time line and adding interactivity to your content.

Session One

  • Introduction to Viewlets and ViewletBuilder Technology
  • ViewletBuilder5 Launch Page Overview
  • Mastering Manual Capture
  • Mastering Smart Capture and Understanding Options
  • Tool Structure Overview
  • Red, Blue, and Green Circles: Understanding Cursors and Their Movement
  • The Importance of the Compile Properties
  • Compiling, Previewing, and Publishing
  • Homework Assignment Overview

Session Two

  • What Went Wrong, What Went Right?: Critique Viewlets
  • Understanding Timing Rules and the Time Line
  • Setting Up Actions Around Events
  • Adding Interactivity to Your Content
  • Don’t Just Watch, DO – with Click Zones
  • Check Your Knowledge with Text, Quiz, and Keystroke Zones
  • Reporting Options Including ViewletCentral
  • Additional QA



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With the demand increasing for an updated version of ViewletBuilder for Mac, we finally completed version 4.5.11 which includes support for both Intel and PPC machines. We have also tested this version on the new Leopard OS and we fully support this today. In the coming weeks we will be releasing an update which will include sound support as well. Download your copy today!

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Monthly "How to" Viewlet - Maximizing Your Workspace

Did you know that we included the ability to minimize and maximize the left and bottom tabbed toolbars to allow for a more flexible workspace?

Watch THIS Viewlet to learn how!

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Dear Subscribers,

It's been almost five months since the launch of our next generation of products, and I wanted to thank both our new and old customers for supporting and adopting these products so quickly. Our team has been working overtime making sure the applications are running smoothly along with adding some important new features that you have asked for along the way.

In the coming months, we will be introducing an Enterprise version of ViewletBuilder5 for those of you who want the power of ScreenCapture and FULL Quiz/Survey functionality all in one product. As a bonus we will be including a new PowerPoint import option as well! We still recommend ViewletCam if you want to preserve animations, but for those who want to reuse existing PowerPoint content inside ViewletBuilder to convert it to Flash, this will be the product for you.

The Qarbon team wants to personally wish you the best during the Holiday season and we hope this year was a prosperous one.

Take Care,
Jay Lucke

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to
Thank you for using our products.

The Qarbon Team

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