Qarbon Newsletter - Issue 34 - 2007
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ViewletBuilder 6 Enterprise
New! ViewletBuilder6 Enterprise

Get the power of ViewletBuilder,
ViewletQuiz and PowerPoint
Integration within one interface!

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ViewletBuilder6 Pro

New! ViewletBuilder6 Pro

New! ViewletQuiz3

New! ViewletCam2

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For a limited time get a FREE copy of ViewletCam2 when you purchase a full license of the New! ViewletBuilder6 Enterprise! Buy now for $599!

*Promotion ends December 31st, 2008.

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Qarbon is dedicated to helping familiarize you with our product line-up! Whether you're interested in finding out more information or need help getting up to speed on one or more of our products, we are here to help. Take a look at what's available and register for a free Webinar today! Don't see what you are looking for, feel free to send an inquiry to

ViewletBuilder6 is HERE!

Whether you're a Viewlet master or new to Viewlet technology, taking a training Webinar for our new generation of ViewletBuilder will help you get up to speed on the changes and leave you excited to get started.

ViewletBuilder6 Basics Webinar

Explore the ins and outs of ViewletBuilder6's layout from the interface to working area! In this session, we'll familiarize you with the tools available and guide you to understand how to access the various features. This one hour session focuses on best practices for creating content with ViewletBuilder. You'll gain a better understanding of Smart Capture and how to use it to obtain quality output. When you are through, you'll have the expertise to create compelling content from start to finish.

Introduction to ViewletBuilder6 Enterprise Webinar

ViewletQuiz offers an extensive list of question types to create enticing quizzes and surveys. ViewletBuilder is an easy to use tool to create software simulations, demonstrations and/or just outstanding online presentations. What happens when you merge those two products together? You get an all inclusive Flash based authoring tool capable of handling all of your online presentation needs, ViewletBuilder Enterprise. In this session we'll discuss how easy it is to create rich content that incorporates PowerPoint presentations, software simulations and assessments. You'll leave the session excited about what's possible.

Composica Overview Webinar

Interested in creating online courses? Take your content to the next level with Composica! Composica Enterprise empowers organizations by enabling the creation of compelling and highly interactive e-Learning content. By accessing the tool online, Composica allows for work to be done simultaneosly in real-time collaboration with others . It revolutionizes the way in which content is created and managed. Composica provides rich development features and a WYSIWYG interface, neither of which require any programming skills. In this session we'll discuss Composica, giving you the basic building blocks necessary for you to be able to create your first course! We'll create a new project, discuss how to build the structure using the Outline Tree and familiarize you with Composica's workspace in design mode. At the end of this session, if you haven't done so already, contact us for a demo account and try Composica out for yourself!


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Monthly "How to" Viewlet - Understanding Timing Links

In ViewletBuilder6 we introduced a new exclusive concept called "Timing Links". This feature gives you more dynamic control over the elements within the timeline and creates relationships between those elements. Timing Links allow you to quickly make timing changes while maintaining those relationships and decreasing your production time. Learn how to manage existing links and how to set up new ones as well.

Watch THIS Viewlet to learn how!

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